Don’t Freeze
Part of The feeling of not feeling at home project with *err collective, Geneva (2017)   


Being a stranger, that is to say ¨not-feeling-at-home¨, is today a condition common to many, an inescapable and shared condition. So then, those who do not feel at home, in order to get a sense of orientation and to protect themselves, must turn to the ¨common places¨, or to the most general categories of the linguistic intellect.
In this sense, strangers are always thinkers. ...It is not the thinkers who become strangers in the eyes of the community to which the thinkers belong, but the strangers, the multitude of those ¨with no home,¨ who are absolutely obliged to attain the status of thinkers. Those ¨without a home¨ have no choice but to behave like thinkers.