Sometimes I Sit
Photographs of chairs, writings on ethics of sitting, and 2 chair-building workshops (2013-2016)

The chair has a specific realtionship to you. It is a surrogate social identity. We could say that for many hours of the day we are sitting on our selves.

Lambda C-prints (40"X60")

Book excerpts

Workshops Images

With the kind participation of: Reto Crameri, Ana Raquel Ermida Gomes, Emmanuelle Esmail-Zavieh, Camille Kaiser, Vicente Lesser, Vincent Locatelli, Coline Mir, Diego Orihuela, Camilla Paolino, Reto Schenker, Colin Raynal, Valentin Rotelli, Steve, Luca Veuillet, Alexandre Wolhoff, Catherine Queloz, Liliane Schneiter.